Week 8 Pickups: Harry Douglas, Jarrett Boykin, and the attack of the injury fill-ins

Week 7 showed us that those with opportunity can produce. Jarrett Boykin filled in more than admirably for James Jones and Randall Cobb. Harry Douglas made the most of his opportunity to be the Falcons No. 1 wideout. But to top that off, we got a bunch of new injuries to send us scrambling to the wire.

Here’s who I’d go after. Obviously, if you have holes on your roster based on injuries to your star players, your priorities will differ.

For a little visual entertainment, I agree with most of Matt Ufford’s takes in yesterday’s SB Nation Daily Win.

Jordan Reed, TE, Washington Redskins
Reed could be a tight end savior to those who missed Julius Thomas and Jordan Cameron earlier this year. His performance Week 7 is probably closer to the rule than the exception. The Redskins want him to be a featured part of their offense, and RGIII likes throwing his way. Make sure you snag him.

I’d be willing to go 25 percent or more for Reed, depending on who you are currently starting at tight end. Fasano? That’s ugly.

Jarrett Boykin, WR, Green Bay Packers
Keep in mind that James Jones will return in a week or two, but Boykin will remain a part of this offense. If he slides into Cobb’s role as the slot receiver, he’ll still be in line for plenty of targets, but Aaron Rodgers has no loyalty to just one receiver.

Boykin’s potential to blow up each week makes him worthy of a 15 percent FAAB spend, but keep it reasonable considering his usage will fluctuate. He could be a solid WR3 the rest of the way.

Chris Ivory, RB, New York Jets
Ivory finally had the kind of game we expected of him when he started the year as the Jets’ most talented running back. It’s highly likely that he fades back into a secondary role to Bilal Powell because we can’t have nice things, but the talent alone requires that he be owned in all leagues.

Considering his slow start, 10 percent FAAB ought to get you Ivory’s services for the rest of the year. He makes a risky flex play at the moment with the potential to become more…until he gets hurt…again.

Mike James, RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
James will take Doug Martin’s place in the lineup until he returns from his shoulder injury. There’s no timetable, but it’s pretty likely Martin won’t see the field for several weeks. James shouldn’t be expected to do any more than Martin, which is why he’s low on my list this week.

People are going to bid a lot for James because he’s a starting running back, but I’d write off a 10 percent FAAB bid to price enforce on him and call it a day. If you are in need of RB help, I actually like Ivory better or like the idea of digging Brandon Jacobs up for this week against the Eagles.

It’s just not fun owning any Bucs not named Vincent Jackson.

Harry Douglas, WR, Atlanta Falcons
Douglas’ big plays this Sunday came off busted coverage, so temper expectations. But he is still all the Falcons have right now.

Around 10 percent FAAB seems like a decent play for him at this point, but you may have to go higher with how well he did this past week. Should have stashed him last week!

Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, Indianapolis Colts
DHB should jump into the starting lineup with the loss of Reggie Wayne. His hands are not made for catching footballs, so I wouldn’t expect him to breakout. That said, he’s probably going to become a reliable target for Andrew Luck with the potential to produce 5+ catches for close to 100 yards each week.

I wouldn’t expect DHB to cost you more than 10 percent FAAB this week.

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