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We, the people of Fantasy Football Fools, promise you very few things. We promise you we’ll do our best to share the latest and greatest intel to help your fantasy football team. We’ll try to entertain you in the process. And we’ll never tell you we know more about this game than you do. More about us.

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How to Evaluate a Fantasy Football Trade

Every league has its issues, but I’ve never come across a league that didn’t have a problem evaluating trades. Whether you’re trying to figure out what to offer another team or debating whether a trade is “fair,” there is no…

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Recent Articles

Week 10 Pickups: Time for Fitzmagic

It’s becoming ever harder to field a quarterback with injuries plaguing the position up and down the fantasy ranks. With that in mind, we’ll start by noting that Josh McCown and Ryan Fitzpatrick are both viable options, especially this week…

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Week 9 Pickups: Trades on Trades on Trades

After one of the most active trade deadlines in recent memory, the waiver wire has a few new options this week. Did you keep up with all the transactions? https://twitter.com/FantasyFools/status/925361973189136384 Kelvin Benjamin is now a Buffalo Bill. Jay Ajayi is…

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Week 7 Pickups: Replacing Aaron Rodgers

No one likes to see a top quarterback injured, especially not the consensus No. 1 fantasy quarterback. Unfortunately, we find ourselves in that position this week. Before the season, a team with both Aaron Rodgers and David Johnson seemed like…

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