About Fantasy Football Fools

Pure speculation at its finest. We, the people of Fantasy Football Fools, promise you very few things.

We promise you we’ll do our best to share the latest and greatest intel to help your fantasy football team. We’ll try to entertain you in the process. And we’ll never tell you we know more about this game than you do.

We aren’t blessed with insider access. We’re not former NFL players or league insiders. What we do have is an addiction to reading the headlines and an unhealthy compulsion to talk about fantasy football rosters more than our coworkers and friends would like.

Whether you are an X-and-Os diehard who swears by statistical analysis or someone wings it each week with a dartboard and a shot glass, we get you.

We want you to win your league, but, win or lose, we want you to enjoy playing. So we’ll help you as much as we can to be a better fantasy football player and owner with draft strategy tips, waiver wire advice, trash talk, plotting to overthrow your totalitarian fantasy football commissioner, and learning not to take losses too seriously.

This is a game after all, but it sure is an addictive one.

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The views expressed on Fantasy Football Fools are the opinions of the authors alone and should not be attributed to any author’s employers, clients, or affiliated organizations.

Our commentary on professional football teams, players, owners, and coaches is all in good fun. No matter how many fantasy points a player denies us, we still like them — at least most of them.

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