Week 8 Starts and Sits: All of the byes! All of them!

Keepers gets the lead off. Reuben Randle is looking like a weekly flex play with the amount of targets he’s getting in the Giants passing game. Sad face for the rec to sit Greg Olsen after he finally got in the end zone Thursday night.

Is it bad that I’m starting to come back around on Chris Johnson? I think he’s so bad…I think he might be good for soft spot of his upcoming schedule. Help me.

The Fake Football wants you to take a chance on the Raiders D. I kind of agree. I’m having a hard time deciding between Raiders D/ST or Steelers D/ST for streaming this week.

Matthew Berry could really use a break from the terrible letters. People really write these things to someone who does nothing but give them free advice?

Oh, and Berry loves almost every running back…because you have to when this many teams are on a bye…and the rest are injured. *sigh*

Gridiron Experts believes in the ghost of Maurice Jones-Drew this week.

And don’t forget your weekly dose of matchups.

Good luck in Week 8!

By Jacob

Jacob founded Fantasy Football Fools in 2007 as a outlet for all the fantasy football conversations he couldn't have in-person. Since then...well, it's only gotten worse.

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