Week 5 Starts and Sneaky Pickups

Yes, yes. We never got to pickups this week. But if it’s any consolation, we didn’t have much to work with. Danny Woodhead is stashed in many a league and has been mentioned previously. Rashad Jennings isn’t exactly exciting.

Zac Stacy makes for a sneaky play or stash this week as he could potentially get the majority of carries for the Rams this week. And Justin Blackmon returns from suspension to save the day if Blaine Gabbert can deliver him a pass.

For more pickups or sneaky stashes, read up at Rotoworld, The Hazean, Fantasy Football Librarian, and FantasyPros.

Got injuries? Rotoworld’s Chet Gresham has the latest.

Matchups at Rotoworld is back on the Eddie Lacy train.

Matthew Berry thinks this is the week Chris Johnson will bust out of his slow start. Despite the odds, I may let Chris Johnson ride the bench this week in favor of starting Darren Sproles and Danny Woodhead.

Keepers wants you to sit Ray Rice, but Rice is finally absent from the injury report this week. I’d consider him a solid play.

The Fake Football still believes in Maurice Jones-Drew.

Gridiron Experts say Justin Blackmon might be worth starting right away.

CBS would start Darren Sproles over Trent Richardson this week.

FantasyPros also shares a nice collection of sneaky starts and matchup darlings this week via partners.

Defensively, Atlanta and St. Louis make great start this week. For more on defensive streaming, check out Rotoworld and The Fake Football.

Good luck in Week 5.

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