Quarterbacks aplenty in 2013

Footballguys’ Sigmund Bloom explained his quarterback tiers last month, and while the tiers themselves may not come as a surprise, the chunks Bloom creates with his tiers clearly show how deep the quarterback position is this year.

Even if you choose to pass on top options and wait until the very late rounds to consider a quarterback, you can typically still snag Michael Vick as a desperation option. And even he has a chance to finish the year as the No. 1 overall fantasy quarterback if Chip Kelly’s offense explodes.

If you’ve drafted already, as I assume most of you have, this information shouldn’t shock you, but it may make you more comfortable with the idea of dropping and/or swapping out your QB2 for other talent if you need the roster spot later in the year.

In 10-team leagues, there’s little reason to carry a second quarterback option since most of the waiver wire options will be of equal or greater value week to week.

As far as other notes from Bloom’s tiers, Big Ben and Eli Manning have fallen into the QB2 range this season, which is probably a better spot for them. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with either as my starter in less than a 14-team league.

The rest of the plentiful quarterbacks would be best suited as a high-upside QB2 stashes or left to the wire for now.

And who’s that all the way at the bottom? Terrelle Pryor just makes the cut. We’ll see if he can make the most of his touches enough to warrant being on a roster when he takes the field in Week 1.

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