Foolish Contest: Win a free season of Dominator Service player alerts

Now that you have your fantasy football team drafted and ready for action, you should be looking for any way to get an edge on the rest of your league. Besides subscribing to Fantasy Football Fools, another great way to stay in the know is by signing up for player news alerts.

Top Fantasy Football recently contacted us to offer one free subscription to their Dominator Service to one lucky Fantasy Football Fools reader, and we decided to make it happen. It is, after all, a special day — 9/9/09, the final day before the regular season begins. Keep reading to find out how to enter.

Their Dominator Service sends out updates about waiver wire pickups and notifications on up to 20 preselected players of your choice. You also get injury news and game day weather updates to save you time on your research each week.

It’s almost like the Dominator Service makes fantasy football your significant other — girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, puppy or houseplant, as the case may be. From time to time, you get a message with an important update that you have to act on immediately. The rest of the time, you may get a few flirty texts or email messages that keep you informed and in touch with your fantasy football team’s inner feelings and emotions…

It’s really much less like “The View” than I just made it sound. You can see everything that comes with the dominator service at Top Fantasy Football.

To enter to win this free service for the 2009 season, all you have to do is leave a comment on THIS post, and, in your comment, tell us why you need to win your fantasy football league this year. Comments that do not include an explanation of why you deserve the Dominator Service this season will not be considered.

Note: Humor will be taken into account when choosing the winner of this contest. While the most important thing is to leave a comment with a reason, the more entertaining your comment is, the better.

For example, explaining that you need to win because your leaguemate recently stole your lunch money, your girlfriend or your job will win you special bonus points. We have a soft spot for revenge tales.

On Thursday night (or Friday if we have to wait for a few more comments), we’ll select a winner based upon how much we liked a particular comment and how many “likes” it received within our new Disqus commenting system on this post. The winner will be notified and setup within the Dominator Service system by Top Fantasy Football.

So that’s it. Make sure to get a comment posted by Thursday night. That’s tomorrow! And don’t forget to subscribe to receive our updates from Fantasy Football Fools while you’re at it.

Make your stories good, but try not to make anyone cry, okay? After watching Seven Pounds this weekend and talking to OU fans, I don’t need to see any more tears this week.

UPDATE: Brian is our winner. Congrats, Brian! Now he gets to overcome having just one keeper in a three-keeper league. Ouch!

By Jacob

Jacob founded Fantasy Football Fools in 2007 as a outlet for all the fantasy football conversations he couldn't have in-person. Since then...well, it's only gotten worse.


  1. I need the Dominator Service alerts so I can kick my new keeper league's ass this year. I joined an established league and inherited a team with only 1 keeper while everyone else had 3-4 studs on their team so I'm working every angle to give 'em hell!

  2. I've been in the same fantasy football league for 19 years. I won the whole thing the first five seasons and haven't won it since. I NEED the Dominator Service Alerts to regain my league dominance.

  3. I need the Dominator Service because I'm in a 17 team league and haven't played fantasy football in years. I'm also a highly stressed stockbroker, who needs his fantasy season to be less volatile than his 9 to 5.

  4. 2 baby girls, wife, 2dogs, 2 cars, 1job, 4 leagues, 12years into FF= 1 CHAMPIONSHIP, you do the math. i need all the help i cant get….so gimme the Dominator Service system by Top Fantasy Football already……pleeeeeeeeease..babues need some new shoes, dogs needs to get laid, cars need a tune-up, and the wife needs a weekend away (which in turn gets me some alone time;to wait by the computer and take advantage of my Dominator Service system by Top Fantasy Football.) so i can get all that stuff …oh, have a mentioned 12 years and 1 CHAMPIONSHIP.

  5. I need the Dominator Service because I am a first year commissioner in a money league that includes family and friends. I got hosed in my live draft. Injuries will end my season if I don't own the waiver wire. I would have to count on Josh Morgan, Le'Ron McClain, Carnell Williams and James Davis. My second best receiver is Lee Evans. BTW… I have two babies at home to feed.

  6. Great comments and reasons, everybody. We'll be naming a winner tomorrow, so send your friends to “Like” your comments before we make our final call. It's down to the wire.

  7. After much deliberation, we selected Brian here as our winner. Joining a keeper league with only one keeper is a challenge many mortal men cannot overcome, but perhaps with the dominator service, Brian stands a chance.

    Thanks to all the other entries and comments. We'll have to do this again sometime.

  8. Sorry to hear you got hosed in the live draft, Dwayne, but you may have done better than you think. Cadillac seems to be reborn, and Morgan is a sleeper I have my eye on this season. We just had one dominator service to give away, but if it's waiver wire grabs you're after, we'll have plenty of them each week here at Fantasy Football Fools. You can also still grab dominator service over at Top Fantasy Football to help you in your league.

  9. Man, those dogs have it ruff…

    Sorry, I couldn't resist. I haven't used that joke since the third grade, and it was burning a hole in my brain. Now I feel so guilty for saying, as terrible as it is, that I wish we had another dominator service to give away. But alas, there was only one. We'll do our best to help you find what you need in the world of fantasy football this season, LIMBMAKER, and if you have any questions or requests, you can always drop them in the comments. Good luck this season!

  10. Less volatile than being a stockbroker? I'm not sure even instant player alerts can make that happen. I'd imagine fantasy football is a lot like being a stockbroker…if you're stocks then went out on a field and had other stocks trying to hit them for hours at a time.

    I'm afraid you weren't the winner, but the good news is that a 17-team league should spread the talent thin enough that the most active on the waiver wire are more likely to build the best team. Keep your eye out and follow all the player tips you can find this season. Hopefully, we can relieve some of the stress of your 9-5, Chris. Or at least we can give you a place to vent about your fantasy team. Good luck this season!

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