Week 8 Pickups: What can Bryce Brown do for you?

Amazingly, it’s another good week for the running back needy, and some of you likely lost your starters this week with C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson going down. I would have hoped you’d replace Spiller by now, but I know it’s hard to give up on those preseason plans.

I’ll typically assume most previous pickup suggestions have been secured in your league each week, but be sure to snag any Giants receivers that are available as they go on bye this week. That offense could get back on track when next we see them take the field.

I’d also prioritize Branden Oliver over this entire list, despite his somewhat disappointing performance against the Chiefs, who are playing better than most are giving them credit.

But enough with the intros. Let’s get to the picks.

  • Tre Mason
  • Bryce Brown / Anthony Dixon
  • Doug Baldwin
  • Denard Robinson
  • Davante Adams
  • Robert Griffin III

I recommended Tre Mason as a stash last week, but he’s become much more than that after dominating touches for the Rams. He fumbled late, a mistake that could have given the game back to the Seahawks. Week 8 should show us whether that gets him in the doghouse or not. But even if he doesn’t start in Week 8, he needs to be on your roster. As others have said, this could be another Zac Stacy storyline where a rookie back emerges and establishes himself as a weekly fantasy asset. Go in with a 40% bid if you’ve got it.

Losing both Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller in Week 7, the Bills were forced to turn running back duties over the special team stud Anthony Dixon. Dixon isn’t exactly the most elusive runner, but he gets what the defense gives him. Expectations are that the Bills will finally activate Bryce Brown and give him a shot, but it remains to be seen who’ll get the majority of touches. I’m concerned about recommending Brown as others have due to his inactive status leading up to this week and coach speak suggesting the coaches really love Dixon here. If you are desperate for a season-changing talent, go after Brown with a 30-40% bid. But those of you looking to play it safe might consider just tossing a low 25% or less bid at Dixon. Facing the Jets this week, neither Bills back makes for an exciting play in Week 8.

Doug Baldwin is a consistent target for Russell Wilson every season, and he’s back at the top of the ranks after the Seahawks traded Percy Harvin to the Jets. Baldwin sees enough targets to make him a WR3 or better in PPR leagues, and I see a lot of upside moving forward if the Seahawks aren’t going to dominate each opponent they face with Marshawn Lynch runs this season. Snag him for a 20% or less bid if he’s still available.

Denard Robinson got his first start for the Jaguars Sunday at went off for more than 100 yards. That’s impressive for a Jaguars’ running back — very impressive. So now we’re left wondering whether he’ll be worth anything the rest of the way. Against the tough run D of the Dolphins, I have my doubts. The excitement surrounding his Week 7 could demand 30% bids, but I’d play it conservative and toss out a low bid. Those who do retain his services might consider packaging him in a trade before Week 8 when some of the shine might start to fade off his debut performance.

Davante Adams scored in Week 7, and that always seems to get players on the league radar. More importantly, it appears he’s secured the third receiver job in Green Bay. As long as Aaron Rodgers is running hot, Adams is worth owning as a WR3/WR4. You should be able to get him for 10% FAAB or less for now as long as your league doesn’t overbid for wide receivers.

And consider this your Week 8 reminder that Robert Griffin III could return as soon as Monday night. He may not play until Week 9, but you won’t want to be fighting for him on the wire then. Stash him now if you need help at quarterback.

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