Week 11 Risk Takers: Players to watch

In addition to the regular waiver wire advice, I’d like to add to it a couple of players that I have read about who I don’t trust at the moment, but they could prove to be valuable assets to your team if you want to sit on them a week to see how they do or–if you are ballsy enough–use them this week.

Leonard Pope, TE Arizona Cardinals

The big boy had 2 TDs against Detroit last week after putting up only 2 TDs in nine games. If Warner starts to use him like he did in the Detroit game more regularly, he could be a consistent starting TE. Otherwise, lightning strikes every now and then. Arizona plays the Bengals this week. Considering the defense those Cincinnati boys don’t play, he could be worth grabbing and starting this week. Fine, I said it.

Mark Clayton, WR Baltimore Ravens

Clayton had a big game this week, but don’t forget that Baltimore won’t stop sending McNair out there on the field. McNair ignores this guy–and even Boller hasn’t given him much attention–but if he starts to break out this season, this week would be the week against Cleveland. The rest of his schedule, besides a match up with Miami in week 15, doesn’t look to be very favorable. He sees the Chargers, Patriots and Colts in weeks 12 to 14. Only grab him if you are desperate for a WR or you have faith your team will get you to that nice week 15 match up against Miami.

Kyle Boller, QB Baltimore Ravens

That said, Kyle Boller is getting the nod this week. If you are desperate for a QB in a big league, keep an eye on him and see whether he is going to lead a late season movement in the Ravens of moving the ball through the air. He has a pretty nice arm.

Rudi Johnson, RB Cincinnati Bengals

If anyone in your league has forgotten what Rudi was like last year and dropped him, make them pay. Grab him if you can afford to take a chance, and keep your eye on how he heals up. His hamstring is reportedly getting better.

If you think we are missing anyone, shout ’em out. Then, shouting like an idiot and type them in the comments. Seriously.

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