Week 6 Starts and Sits: Anything nice to say about Chris Johnson?

You know what’s worse than byes? Injuries. And we got a bunch of them against this week with owners losing Julio Jones and Owen Daniels. Jones obviously hurts the most as a highly drafted WR1.

There are a few options to replace him, but…it just won’t be the same, you know?

Matchups gets things started this week.

Rotoworld’s Patrick Daugherty ranks Tony Romo as his No. 4 quarterback going into a Week 6 matchup against the very easy to pass against Redskins. He also starts this week’s ranks with a more positive, hopeful note about Chris Johnson than I’ve seen from most out there this week, even though it’s not completely positive. Maybe that’s how bad CJ?K is this season.

The Fake Football Matchup Machine expects the Philadelphia offense to go through LeSean McCoy on Sunday.

Keepers encourages you to “hire” Garrett Graham and “fire” Brandon Myers, who’s fallen off a cliff over the last few games. Matt Ufford also recommends dropping Kenny Britt. Too soon? Maybe not.

Britt might not recover his value this season unless he’s traded to a receiver-needy team like the 49ers or Falcons.

Matthew Berry took to the soapbox this week to talk about trade etiquette while beating his drum for Jay Cutler to go over 300 yards again. Cutler didn’t quite hit that mark, but he did come close. Berry also puts his faith in Doug Martin to live up to his draft status this week and in the Buccaneers receivers to show signs of life with Mike Glennon. I’m not sure I’m all in on that, but I certainly expect Martin to have a better week than he’s been having.

You know how I mentioned Patrick Daugherty had that somewhat optimistic note on Chris Johnson? Matthew Berry’s note? Pretty terrible. He’s got the looks of a sit this week unless you truly have no other option.

The Fake Football Mike Braude believes in A.J. Green this week.

CBS’s Dave Richard would start Justin Blackmon over Torrey Smith this week. I think that might be a little much, but I do like Blackmon.

The Sablich brothers at The New York Times don’t think this is the week for Marques Colston, but that’s just one of many nice and bad matchups they detail.

And if that’s not enough? Plenty more link love available at Fantasy Football Librarian.

Good luck in Week 6!

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