PROMOTION: Hooters adds special message from this guy Jon Gruden to your 2013 draft

Book Fantasy Football Draft at Hooters 2013

Why Draft at Hooters 2013As you might imagine, we get hit up by quite a few companies each preseason to let everyone know about their draft offerings. We try to limit the number of things we throw at you unless we believe they’re something you’d like to know about.

Hooters sent this one our way, and while we are late to the game, we thought those of you still waiting to draft might be interested in taking them up on this offer.

They’ve put together a special package for all those who make reservations to host their fantasy football draft at their local Hooters, but it’s ending soon.

And by soon, we mean this Thursday, September 5.

If you make your fantasy football draft party reservations now at, on top of the free WiFi and VIP seating, you and your league will receive a free ESPN Fantasy Football Draft Kit, which includes ESPN’s Fantasy Football 2013 magazine, a draft board, and player stickers, along with links to cheat sheets, koozies, and Hooters Season Tickets good for more than $400 in deals throughout the NFL season.

But most importantly, your ESPN draft kit comes with a special message from Jon Gruden. I can only imagine how many times he says THIS GUY.

If you haven’t drafted yet, Hooters is giving you a pretty sweet hookup here. And if you have, keep Hooters in mind for next season, as I’m sure they’ll offer something similar again in 2014.

Book Fantasy Football Draft at Hooters 2013

Hooters would also like to invite league members to share their photos of favorite draft party moments via Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #StepIntoAwesome. The best of the best of these shared moments will make it onto the Step Into Awesome website,

So book a table now if you want to reap these rewards, and best of luck this season.

DISCLOSURE: I have no material relationship to Hooters, and Fantasy Football Fools received no compensation for sharing this information.

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