New Fantasy Football Systems: Flea Flicker and Draftmix

I know it’s mid-season, but you may already be thinking about what system you would like to operate your league on next year.

The best experience I had thus far with a fantasy football system is now that they have made their fantasy system free, but another free option is Flea Flicker.

Flea Flicker doesn’t appear as graphically pretty as ESPN, but it does do several notable things like giving you player rankings based upon custom scoring to tell you how many WRs better than the one on your roster are available or providing graphs and charts of your points broken down by position. One of the cooler features unique to the site is the ability to handle blockbuster trades between multiple teams and even involving future draft picks.

If you are looking for a new system, Flea Flicker might be worth taking a tour.

Draftmix is a week-by-week quick playing fantasy football system. Poker-inspired, the Draftmix system allows you to join a league and draft a team each week. The team with the most points takes the win and receives a cash prize if you are playing in a cash league. If you are a junkie with a love for fantasy sports, Draftmix has your name all over it.

via TechCrunch

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