Dude… Matt Forte

Another leaving us speechless “Dude” award has to go out to Matt Forte this week.

The rookie RB laid down a breakout performance in his first NFL start and had a long run against the Colts defense. Highlights in the video.

Something tells me that the smart jackasses people who grabbed Matt Forte late in their drafts may have more than just a bye week fill on their hands. Full disclosure: I own Matt Forte in one league.

Frankly, I am completely and utterly satisfied with sitting Ryan Grant this week for Matt Forte. Good work, buddy. Good work.

This game wasn’t quite the spectacular opening to the new stadium that the Colts had envisioned, but of course, I’m just guessing.

Oh, and the “Dude” award is for the 50-yard TD run — as if you didn’t know. Not quite as bruising as Brandon Jacobs, but the shake-and-bake is dirty in its own way.

By Jacob

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